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we won't do all the talking... here's what our clients say about us:

Alyssa Pitts AP Dressage Cedar Meadow Farm

"Lexi Barron comes with my highest recommendation. I can't imagine using a different insurance agent. Lexi has helped me with both my farm policy and with mortality and major medical coverage for my horses. Lexi is patient and very thorough. Lexi always gives me several options for insurance, and she talks me through the pros and cons of the different available policies. If an issue arises, Lexi is helpful and supportive, and she is willing to contact the insurance company to resolve any issues or clarify any details."

“I have had the joy of working with David Barron for the better part of 3 years or so for personal business and association insurance needs. I must say he is a pleasure to work with, always friendly and has great customer service. David is always there to pick up the phone even after office hours… On every occasion I call David for something he has the association’s best interest first and foremost.”

Western States Farrier Association
Kat Southam KS Dressage

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lexi Barron for several years. She has guided me through the insurance process for many horses as well as my coaching, farm, home and auto insurance. What I love about Lexi is that she turns a complicated and daunting task into something easy, efficient and approachable. She is quick to gain a clear understanding of your needs and always has invaluable input to guide the decision making process. I always recommend her to my friends and clients as I know they will be in the best of hands."

"The equine world is difficult to navigate as it is unique to each individual and each property. No two horse properties or situations are alike. I was constantly looking for a knowledgeable company and person to help me navigate an overwhelmingly confusing world of insuring my property and horse business. Lexi Barron was not only knowledgeable but helpful in bringing different angles to my business and helping me structure things in a way so that she could get me the coverage I needed at the best possible premium and keeping my protected legally at the same time. She has a talent as unique as my situation and I am so glad that I found her!"

Sundance Circle Hippotherapy Equine Therapy

John McConnell and Virginia Rhoads, The Center and Pegasus Ranch

“Lexi has literally been a gift to us. Our liability exposure is very complex with home, auto, ranch, animals, farm implements, and a leadership coaching business run on our property. Lexi has carefully listened to our needs and priorities, done complex research to find us the best possible policies, and saved us a lot of money. She has advised on our health care coverage. When we had an event that required coverage Lexi was extremely helpful in walking us through the process and helping us communicate with various parties. We always feel that we can call her when we have a question or concern, and she helps us get to a place where we feel covered, supported and secure.”

Mary Anne Campbell, Blue River Farm

"Our agent, Ms. Barron, provides such great support for us. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. She's found better rates, consulted with us on good choices in coverage, and helped us feel truly watched out for. In a world in which there's too much that isn't what it's advertised as being, she's the real deal. She's been, since the very first day, a staunch and tireless advocate for us in both our professional insurance and our family insurance. She's also intelligent, funny, and just a good human being. My only hesitation in recommending her is that she might get busy and I'd have less time to enjoy a chat when we sort out our insurance needs."

Mary Anne Campbell Blue River Farm Piaffe
Kimberly Mitchell Dressage Grand Prix

"I have been working with Lexi Barron for the last several years and cannot recommend her more. Lexi is always there for me!  Anytime I have questions she is very fast to respond and provide knowledgeable and in depth answers. She helped me in getting my personal horses insured as well as ensured that I am well covered for my business under a trainer's insurance package. If I ever need more information or help understanding something, she goes above and beyond in doing so. Having worked with another broker in the past who did not operate this way, I am SO thankful that I have Lexi on my 'team'!"

Barb Peterson

"I met David in 2017 and immediately recognized his extensive knowledge of the equine community, not only the local area, but abroad as well. His experience around the world has exposed him to all aspects of equine ownership. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lexi more recently. Her ability to remember and follow-up on the smallest of details is a testimonial to her level of experience and commitment to her clients. They have both owned and been involved with horses for most of their lives. These are just a few of the reasons I trust them with all my insurance needs. In addition they are two of the nicest people you will meet and have demonstrated the highest level of integrity in all my interactions with them."

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